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The only WordPress plugin you need to start, run, manage and organize your hospitality business.

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Booking Formula is perfect for hospitality managers who want to save time and money. You can modernize and upgrade your business in a flash. Booking Formula levels the playing field for small hotels and hostels, allowing you to compete and get bookings!

It’s time to ditch the Old School systems. No more messy notebooks, Excel sheets, hand-written bills and lost paperwork. If you have a WordPress site, Booking Formula will modernize your business for a minimal annual fee, a price you can now recover in a single weekend!



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Most affordable plugin

for what it provides.


No commissions. Pay

once a year. That’s it.

Accept payments with

Stripe, Paypal and more!

FOUR plugins — all in ONE

Plenty of plugins do bookings. Booking Formula does much more:

1. Allows customers to book online, notifying you instantly

2. Provides a complete property management system

3. Generate invoices with just a few clicks

4. Connects you to customers through an online marketplace

5. Maximizes your online presence, improving the look and feel of your website

Friendly Features

Automated Booking

Automated Booking
Customers can find, select and pay for one of your rooms — all online. You'll instantly be sent a text message and notified on your WordPress Dashboard. Expand your online opportunities!

Room Management

Booking Formula keeps you organized. Keep track of all your rooms, who is coming and when they arrive. You'll know your current guests and when they will check out. Visibility and control have never been this easy.


Generate professional invoices, checks or bills with just a few clicks. You can email these efficient-looking documents as PDFs or print them out at the front desk. Your billing system is about to become easy, fast and clean.

Your own modern hotel website

Revamp your online identity with Booking Formula's website template, specifically designed for the hospitality sector. You just add your logo, photos and colors!

Easy to use

Each feature of Booking Formula was designed to be as easy and useable as possible. You don’t need to be a computer expert or hire one! In just days, you'll be running your business more efficiently than ever!

No other plugin offers you all this for just $99/year

Our competitor plugins can only do bookings, or only do property management -- they do those things separately.

Compare Booking Formula against other popular solutions, like WooCommerce Bookings, Bookly, Amelia, MotoPress, etc.

WooCommerce Bookings
Room Management
+ $49
+ $49
+ $49
Ease of use
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The only 4-in-1 plugin at this price! Stop giving away commissions and install Booking Formula today!


Keep 100% of every booking, every time.

Tired of giving away up to 30% of what you make? Unlike, Agoda and other platforms, you keep 100% of all bookings made with Booking Formula. Make the smart move to switch to zero commissions, zero fees, zero headaches.